Meeting People the Second Time.


We all know or have heard about the so called first impression theory (or advice). But then, what happens when we meet again. How do we behave to that person who actually is not our age mate (must it always be formal?).

This case scenario will be of a woman who is in her late twenties, middle thirties and/or early forties.

As a growing teenager, living in an African rural setting where the norms and cultures is inherent in everyone(young and old). Respecting ones elders must be abode by every young and growing teenager.

For me, while moving out of adolescence into manhood, staring at me was the obvious decision to do away with childish thinking and to aspire for greater goals. Showing respect to an elderly woman, has always being something of “good morning ma, goodafternoon ma, good evening ma”.

Living like that is boring nah. Hence the need…

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