Mother Earth🌍

Healing through Words

Oh, Mother Earth, today we commemorate your day,
But have we ever paid heed to what you say?
Living in a concrete jungle, cutting your trees,
I am sorry for we couldn’t hear out your pleas!
Today your children are brutally killed,
But all you wanted us was to be a guild.
Oceans are being filled up dirt,
And we kill for nothing but mirth.
Polar caps are melting, time is running out,
But we continue burning and being uncouth.
And all we do is blame global warming,
While the rate of wreckage is just alarming!
But, Oh mother, now we have started to worry,
It is the time to make amends and say sorry!

– Your child, Kriti Bandyopadhyay

This Earth Day let us all join our hands together and help saving this beautiful planet. Some little efforts can be taken by each one of us like:-

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