My Favorite Perfumes Series: #3 Coco Noir by Chanel

Dreamer Achiever

Looking for a perfume that’s classy, elegant and strong? Coco Noir Chanel is all that. This one is a modern younger version of classy Chanel 5. When 5 is maybe too aromatic and old for people under 40, Coco Noir is a fresh new scent which respects the style and glamour of their old classic.



The scent of this one is very strong, aromatic and even spicy with some citrus and flowers in it. This one definitely shares opinions – others love this and some cannot understand it.

This is a great scent for nighttime, especially for some glamorous occasions like galas. The scent lasts for a whole day! I prefer this one during fall and winter time but if you love wearing strong scents around the year you might consider this for spring / summer season too.

In this series, the top 1 scent is my summertime to go…

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