Reid ‘Em & Weep (2.7) – Chicago Bears 2017 NFL Draft Recap

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Ryan Pace

You know how sometimes when you’re driving you notice the other drivers all following each other like sheep? Let’s say you’re driving on a four lane (two lanes each way) road and you pull up to a stop light. Isn’t it strange how five to ten cars are all in one lane and one or nobody is in the other lane? It always boggles my mind. What’s up with sheep, I mean, people? Are they consciously choosing that backed up lane or are they not paying attention? Are they “scared” of the unoccupied lane? I don’t quite know how to explain it, other than the biggest thing I’ve learned in 40+ years of life, is that people are strange. But what I DO know is that I choose the other lane, the fast lane.’ And guess who is like me? Bears GM Ryan Pace.

I might be the only one…

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