Souvenir Time!

Safira's Journey

A bunch of crab magnets, isn’t that tempting?

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy one of them. I bought some water balls as I love to collect water balls or snow balls. Later, when I’m in my hometown I will show my collection.


Then I bought crab toys for my nieces, at least I bring something. I’m a bit confused to buy something because actually my Indonesian families or friends loves food. I did not have idea what kind of food that I want to buy. I bought Australian Pie but I only buy them for my best friend as she told me she wanna try it.


I bought some magnetic signs that I can put on fridge as a souvenir that I’ve been from Christmas Island and to remind me of great time there. That’s it! that what I bought.


It is interesting to visit the gift shops or visitor center…

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