The Candour #5


The Candour #1

The Candour #2

The Candour #3

The Candour #4

That night, both Zack and Emily sat in their rooms, thinking about the day.

Emily thought to herself

I should just give this up.

I was always unknown to him

He still trembles my world 


What happened to him now


He’s going through this of his own, and I shouldn’t think so much

It was never like we were friends, we were just “acquaintances”  I guess

On the other side, Zack was getting restless, he couldn’t stay calm, after knowing he did something wrong. He was always the nice-guy type, so he decided to get up and go to Emily’s house.

Time: 2 am

Zack rode on his bicycle and zoomed to Emily’s place, he got her address from her friend.

Zack stood near her garden and called her.

“He-hey Em. I mean Emily, I want…

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