Those Golden Days! 


It was a fine Sunday morning when I had just started cleaning my old bookshelf. A few minutes later while I was dusting I came across a lot many books, novels, story books which I had read during childhood. “Hey Mom! Remember these?” I asked her in excited tone. “Let’s give those to the needy or maybe donate them to a library. You aren’t gonna use them anyways!” mom exclaimed. After a while, all of a sudden a history textbook popped out onto my hands from one of the shelves. “Hey that’s my 8th standard textbook”. And a flashback just gushed through my brain. Those golden days!!

Those days when we had fights with our best friends. Those days when we did every mischief possible. Those days when our mom gave 5 bucks to buy vadapav from canteen for which hearing the whole explanation about ‘how unhealthy junk food is’…

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  1. Nice post ,That days were really golden days of our lives which have left it’s imprints in our heart😄

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