We All See, Hear and Process Things Differently

Hello World Goodnight Universe

Hello World,

Its so much easier to react in uncomfortable situations rather than stepping back and processing what we hear…. We all hear and process things differently and what one may say to you, can be heard and taken differently by someone else and can also me meant different than how they appear…

When we take a step back and process what we heard before we open our mouths.. The things that may have made you feel uneasy can help you see things in a totally different way…

Stop and pause before you react cause words cannot be undone… Sweet dreams my friends ❤😍❤😍

You all know my story and I am only $780 away from reaching my goal and getting that shuttle bus. I’m so close and have 10 days to get it paid off and get it off the property where it is and I am asking for…

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4 thoughts on “We All See, Hear and Process Things Differently

  1. Yeah dats right!!

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  2. So grateful for you my friend 🙏❤😘

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