You’re my rock star( 1 min read)


I struggled through the crowd; the girls around screamed the rock star’s name looking like they would faint, while I fumbled for my phone and pointed the camera at the stage.

“…my first song will be for you…you’ll come to my concert, right” he had asked jokingly in college 3 years ago; little did I know that it was his real dream, the one you see with your eyes open.

He finally came on stage with two other back-up singers and stood at one corner;

one day all these people will scream your name and I’ll still be here cheering for you as I promised’, I thought with glistening eyes and shouted his name;

the photo I clicked that day still shines brighter on our bedroom wall than all his other achievements that he earned on his way to becoming the successful rock start that he is today.


– Chirasree, a dreamer.

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