As I sit and 1ay in bed!!!

As I sit here and about to lay in bed.

I think to myself. Yo, I got to get my butt in bed because I got to way up in some hours.

But I know that I will still be up for some time before I sleep. My bed so comfortable.

I think to myself hmm hmm she is so beautiful with her cute and pretty face, a smile so beautiful it will distract you. Beautiful smile and voice she portrays. Conversations that makes you want to talk to her more. Yet, She does not want to talk. I just smile hmm hmmm. If only she knows how beautiful she really is. She knows who she is and she is probably smiling reading this. Keep smiling. 😀

Late nights thoughts.

Hope everyone I had a good day or having a good day 😀

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3 thoughts on “As I sit and 1ay in bed!!!

  1. Having a good day.
    P.S. It’s difficult to catch up with you. Each time I leave, i come back to loads more posts. 😐

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