puzzling Question?

Why do some girls use Tinder for SERIOUS dating?

Curious Mind wants to know 

Fron What I heard of it I don’t think it’s made for”dating”

Everyone has a different opinion on this so I  will like to know.


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29 thoughts on “puzzling Question?

  1. Really a puzzling 🤔 question

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  2. Tinder could be their last hope. They probably ran out of possible places to look for soulmates so they try tinder, clinging to the 1% chance that they’ll meet a genuine gentleman there. Just my thought ✌

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  3. It can be used for dating for serious reasons. I work in bridal and a lot of the girls met their significant other on tinder or something similar. I think it’s all about weeding out the bad to get to the good. It’s convenient for people who work, go to school, etc. Meeting at a bar isn’t always the best place to meet either. All about perspective.

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  4. I actually married my “Tinder sweetheart”, so don’t underestimate the power of swiping. 😉

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  5. I opened it, Kept on Swiping for another 4 days and than I uninstalled it

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