Indian Bloggers:Applauding Through the eyes lens!

My Impressive thoughts on Indian Bloggers

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I have noticed some Indians around the part of the world I lived in but I did not know the amount of support some give to each other. I cannot say all because I have not seen all of the Indian community bloggers. I mean with what I have been seeing. I have been learning about culture food and the community of Indians through the Indians community of WordPress. 

I mean through the comments and their interaction with each other and others. All I have to say is salute. Respect. I am talking about most of the people I have encountered. I do not want to mention names (too many people to mention). I am impressed with how the ladies and gentlemen support each other. I am sure there are some out there not too supportive but I haven’t seen that:D

Good looking out in welcoming everybody and teaching everyone that are willing to read about the Indian Culture, food and much more. Yes, I do know about the Indian music and movies from growing up. I am definitely looking on to learning more from you guys and ladies.

I have been saying my thoughts lately. This is my view on Indian community around WordPress. I am sure there are other impressive and supportive communities but I can only talk about of which I know. I am thankful for all the Indian blogger’s community I encountered on WordPress 😀 Thanks for reading.

Brainy Versatility. Be Adaptive.


36 thoughts on “Indian Bloggers:Applauding Through the eyes lens!

  1. Indians are meant to be warm and hospitable. Thanks for posting this. This gratitude is coming from a proud Indian. 🙂

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  2. I second your applause.
    What you say is very true my Dear!
    You come in to see more in stock for You….
    Use the Brain in Versatile form….👌👍🎶🌹🙏

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  3. I love learning about different cultures because we can learn so much from different perspectives. I also enjoy watching foreign films because it’s refreshing to see unique direction from talented foreign filmmakers. Exploring new cultural foods is also a great way I like to take in diversity. ❤

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  4. Oops…I meant “it stunts your growth. I’ve got butter-fingers today. 🙂

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  5. Since i am an Indian too felt good to hear about that 👍

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  6. And we Indians are very proud of our heritage. What can I say? We love hearing our praises 🙈😅
    So I can bet you’re getting a lot of likes and comments on this one 😂
    Buckle up 👐🏻
    Ps, Great post as usual (:

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  7. They way u describe about we indians is quite commendable….. Thanks fo sharing your kind,humble views

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  8. Being an indian this blog was really mesmerizing for me…..i’m really grateful that you posted it…

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  9. enigmaticchants

    Glad to know about your liking towards the culture and traditions of India 🙂

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  10. I am also from India and fairly new here so… Glad to know that! 😊

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  11. Some of the Indian bloggers will find you entertaining and funny 😁

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  12. Very Rightly said..It is because of support of my fellow Indian friends only that my Facebook blog page stands at almost 2100 followers and so recently, I posted this blog to specially thank them :

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