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Ever wondered why body language is given a lot of importance. I know you have as the topic is discussed about a lot. Still, lets take a look at few instances where body language is important.

  • Sometimes how we speak doesn’t match our energy. For example, a person says “I am glad to meet you”. But, if you can’t see that in the expressions and all, you will be like “Oh, really?”.
  • While in a lecture or just listening to someone, if one looks lazy, or head down, or something similar, it would give vibes that the person is not listening, or is not interested.

Basic points to be kept in mind about body language :-

  • Sit straight. It is not just is a part of good body language, it will also make you feel confident.
  • Folding hands give an impression that the person is not interested.
  • Keeping head down…

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