FB Page And Logo

The Pradita Chronicles

G’morning People!

It had been on my mind to do this for quite sometime. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before. Blame it on lethargy, I guess  :-/

But yesterday,

The Pradita Chronicles earned

It’s own Facebook Page and Logo!

giphy.gif Source: giphy.com

(Sorry, I couldn’t help but use a Dee Dee gif here. I love her. So many memories!!)

The Logo you can see on my Gravatar Image on the website. Hereis the link to the FB page, if you cannot find it on the sidebar already. So all of those who complained how I can’t be found on FB, you got your wish 😉

Please like, follow and share. Send me your FB Page invites too.I’ll follow you right back. I’d love for us to be able to carry on our connection here on WP to FB as well  🙂

The Page looks scant right now…

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