Get To Know Me Tag


JackieAndAngeladid a post on the Get to Know Me tag. I learned so much about them reading their post, and I really recommend you read both their post to learn about them.

The nominations are open to those who want to do it. And I volunteer 🙋🏽. You guys are welcome to do it too. 😊

  • Vital Stats

Name: Janeth
Nicknames: Jhae, Neth, Jan 😊
Birthday: January [I don’t feel safe putting the date, ‘paranoia’😬]
Star Sign: Literally Aquarius, #proudtobeaquarius

  • Appearance

Hair colour: Black

Hair length: Used to be long, but now I cut it to just below my shoulders

Eye colour: Dark Brown I think haha

Best Feature: My nose I guess, I always get compliment about it. For example: [ You’re Filipino? I like your nose!] I dont know if I take that as a compliment or an insult because they always say Filipino has…

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