Make time for Yourself and The Nears n Dears …


Hey Fellows ,you must be thinking “Oh gosh ! uhhh another self love and bla bla article”

You know, I used to think the same as well till the day I found the secret of true happiness.

We are living in the era of cut throat competition, rat race, power mindedness & lust for money . I am not the opponent of success but the question is At what cost ???

We are running after making money at the rapid speed,Buying luxuries,Travelling in business class,Having Gucci & Armani in our wardrobes and so on…is this true happiness actually?The fact is all these are just the social status symbols.

Where are we going? We are just engaged in money accumulating activities which will give us the world class medical facility in our end days.So that’s what we want right! A 5* or 7* hospital room & facilities ,a team of doctors…

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