Patience – The Singular Advantage


How do you become an overnight success? For most people—they have to live in the trenches—hustle and grind for ten to twenty years or longer. Very few people become successful only after a few years.  

So, what do we do in the mean time as we trudge along the path of greatness? We deploy patience. The other option is to quit. But for many of us, quitting is not an option. So, we are back to patience. 

Many people want success to define every aspect of their lives, but they want success to show up at their beck and call—and often without sacrificing or deploying any value to attract the very success they desire. 

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. Leo Tolstoy

Here is a story about scientist and inventor Thomas Edison that supposedly took place in his lab.

In 1914, a fire broke out in Thomas Edison’s…

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