post-parental visitation

heaven and haleigh

It’s Sunday afternoon, my parents just set off on their trek back to Virginia, and I am in my still mostly empty apartment. Only now I’m not wearing pants, and I own a couch. Read: I have graduated to writing blog posts from my living room couch instead of my living room floor.


I already have a love/hate relationship with living alone – it’s something I will battle out with myself over the next 12 months, no doubt. I’m looking forward to the journey anyways.

it’s all so new and exciting.

If my life were an object, it would be the shiny vase in the middle of Target that countless moms scold their children not to touch because “you break it, you buy it.” My life is a fragile, shiny vase and I am the small child who managed to get it in her hands. My parents are…

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