The Ultimate Guide To Staying Motivated For Exams

Daring To Jess

So in an ironic turn of events, I am writing this whilst procrastinating revision for my exams.  This girl’s gotta have a break, right?

I always root around for ways to improve what I already do, but there’s so much stuff lying around on the internet so I decided to compile everything into one ultimate list of things you can do to keep motivated.

WARNING: It’s very long, so brace yourselves…


These come from various sources, which I’ll list at the bottom.  I find that having motivation comes with feeling like you’ve got things under control, which is why there are a few study tips here.  If you get more done, you’ll feel better about yourself!

How to Use This List

This list is done by time before the exam, but switch it around if you like, they’re only a guide.  If you haven’t started revising, better late than…

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