There’s no such thing as first love( 1 min read)



‘You look like shit man!!’ Rohan exclaimed.

‘You’ve even left the main door open!!’ Dev threw his hands up.

Danny sat before me, put his hand on my shoulder – ‘tell me buddy…what’s wrong?…and where is Ria?’

‘She left…’ I muttered.

A long silence filled the room, all three of them thinking what to say or ask next. I had my head hung low, a cigarette in my left hand and a few empty bottles of vodka lying on the floor.

‘Left…as in?’ Dev hesitated.

‘we aren’t together anymore.’

Danny cleared his throat – ‘Did you have a falling-out?’

‘She tried to kill herself…’ I sniffled hard.


‘She couldn’t choose between me and…’

‘I told you…’ Danny sighed.

‘They say if you love two people at the same time, choose the second one for you wouldn’t have fallen for him had you been in love with the first. But what if you know…

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