Embracing the change and joyful hearts  

Marica Live Life

Soo, we’re in the water, the rigging is on the boat and all our belongings, what’s left of it, is soon in place. Time’s ticking and we are about to leave the keys and the apartment in just 15 days.. Hopefully sooner.

Last week I wrote about the feeling of holding on to material matters and fear of the new. Now I feel relieved as I knew i would, a bit stressed about all the things we haven’t got sold or picked up of their new owners, but nothing major.

We just state that we need to take a second turn in the clearance, we still have too much things and we don’t want to overload the boat. She need to be able to perform well at sails.

This time it feels different, I don’t feel the same resistance as the first round. We continue to change, even if we…

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