Summer is Approaching! 


Greetings dear readers!

It’s been such a lovely morning today, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all.

Finally, the winters are wearing off, and well, pleasant, spring days are here! It’s so lovely to see the sun rise, birds chirp away like that, and see a huge lot of light everywhere!

“Dark days don’t last forever.”

Personally, I can never stop loving summers. Inspite of living in a sub tropical country, where we get sunny days for a good quarter of the year, it just awes me how blissful the breeze feels in summer mornings, how peaceful you feel in the scorching afternoons, as you find shade in your home. And not to forget the starry nights, where you can simply lie down on the terrace with just a cot, and admire the moon and stars amid the breeze.

Okay, so let’s imagine.

You wake up by 5:30 in…

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One thought on “Summer is Approaching! 

  1. Yes absolutely totally agree with you and enjoy outside when climate is not so cold. A great picture.

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