Determination = Remaining Focused and Motivated

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“Regardless of how #determined or #focused you are at the moment, don’t miss out on enjoying God’s #creation”! – Dr. Valerie Waller (Strafford Hills 10k)
As I was running the first mile trying to control my breathing and get my body in alignment (you runners know exactly what I mean) I was slightly distracted by a beautiful sound of rushing waters to my right. I immediately pulled my phone out and took photos.

As I continue to run, the waters suddenly became calm. The scenery brought a smile on my face. It reminded me how amazing God is! This moment brought strength, determination and motivation in my spirit to finish this race strong. It also helped to drown those negative I was hearing in the beginning that sounded like, “Are you sure you’re ready considering you haven’t ran 6 miles in over 3 weeks?”


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