How Can YOU “Be” Attractive – Read This Equation!

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Okay, before we get started, let me just tell you frankly.

If you look attractive, then youareatrractive.But, if you doNOTlook attractive, it doesn’t meanyou are not attractive.

Everyone is attractive to a certain level, but those who have the thinking that they’re falling short on the attractiveness level, this post is written for them. 😉

Attractiveness = Confidence + Smile + Excluding Unattractiveness

#1: Confidence

In a nutshell, you can be confident by feeling good about yourself.

  • Work out and,
  • Healthy diet…

…makes you feel good. And feeling good equals being confident.

Read These:

#2: Smile

Studies prove that “smiling is beneficial everywhere” unless you overdo it. When you smile, you throw afeel goodparty in your brain. Your brain releases chemicals that makes you “feel good”, which takes us…

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