#PersonifyME: Gold Glitter Girl


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My mind spirals out like an uncontrollable vine, searching for love, thirsty for knowledge, desperate for connection.

My mind twists, turns and teeters dangerously close to the outer edges, thoughts that cannot connect going nowhere, anywhere, out, toward the seemingly black nothingness and away from the pure rose heart of the matter.
From the dust we came and to the dust we will return. The circle of life. The magic, beauty and harrowing complexity of Mother Nature; how can one perceive that we are all made at the hand of our infinite creator and that he made us all; perfect.
 The Gold Glitter Girl is a Creative Artist: Writer, Body Painter and Collector of Beautiful People. She can be found at www.femfeel.wordpress.com & www.goldglittergirl.wordpress.com spreading love & gold glitter from Miami to Ibiza. Follow on instagram @ibizagoldglitter

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