The Warrior Mindset: Become Your Own Therapist with Subconscious Rewiring


I attended a very informative event this week “The Warrior Mindset” with Counselor and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Kelly Armatage, at The Farm Soho. This was hosted by Vitamin R,  who hosts wellness events open to the public throughout the city.

Vitamin R also brings innovative leadership experts to corporations to improve their culture and improve employee wellness.


Throughout the two hour class, Kelly went over methods to help the class think like a Warrior, rather than think like a Victim.Some of the key differences between thinking like a Warrior and a Victim include:


  • Believes others are to blame for the pain

  • Live in frustration, sadness, anger, self-hate

  • Habits: over-giving, anger, codependency, lack, fear, passive-aggression, conflict, toxicity

  • Loves drama

  • Not aware of their power, thoughts, emotions and habits. Spiritually unaware.


  • Are responsible for their life experience.

  • Resonate in confidence, compassion, self-love

  • Habits- self love, assertiveness, understanding, co-operation…

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