Trusting The Process

The Expressive Articulate

I’m writing this blog post from my living room couch, wrapped up in a warm blanket, voice as hoarse as can be, sniffles glalore, and intense pressure in my head. Needless to say, today is a sick day for this girl (not very fun at all). I was supposed to work this morning, but there was no way I could expect my body to carry me throughout a full five-hour shift, let alone spend five hours talking to and waiting on guests. I had to tap into body kindness today, allowing myself to truly take it easy and simply rest.

Before I launch into the main content of this post, I wanted to extend an apology to all of my readers for not being as actice on my blog recently. A lot has been going on (which I will further explain in this post), and I’ve been trying to balance all of…

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