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Recently I have been reading ‘Discover Your Destiny’ by Robin Sharma.There are beautiful lessons on each page which are not motivational but transformational.Now I seriously believe that motivation dies but discipline stays.

Unlike other books,I am reading this one very slowly so that I am able to absorb each and every word and apply it in my life.I have always been wondering that why I feel so disillusioned at times despite the fact that I read so many spiritual writings and listen to great people around who are always high in positivity.Although I have not finished reading the book yet I am satisfied to discover the cause of my state.
I came across the following lines which struck very hard on my madness to change my fretful nature :

Personal transformation is not a race.Actually,sometimes the harder you try to change,the longer it takes.So many people treat self discovery…

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The Child by Fiona Barton 

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When the truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie -Yevgeny Yevtushenko
Fiona Barton, author of The Widowhas come out with an absolute cracker of a story with her lead journalist Kate Waters from The Widow

3women Kate Waters, Angela Massingham, Emma Simmonds, 1 dead baby and a story around all of them. Fiona Barton weaves magic with her words connecting them, all together to make a great read.

Kate Waters is the investigative journalist, who is trying to find out the identity of newborn baby whose skeleton has been found buried by the workers on a building site. She has been searching for the right story after the widow, till this information catches her eye. And she follows it with a gusto….

Angela and Nick have lost their baby Alice years ago in March 1970. Each year passing, kills their hope…

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World is the scientist

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You know where is the ignorance part existing?!

When you say it’s enough I experienced and learnt everything in life. So That’s the abstract meaning for ignorance. As you can’t say that you reached the privilege rank when there are a lot of stuff still unknown to you.

World full of things that we still don’t know about. World is the school that we learn from it day by day.

In brief, world is the scientist.!!!!

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