12 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Personal Finance Queen

Having a descent credit score is vital for every adult.  As a young adult, we can make poor decisions when purchasing things we don’t necessarily need (on credit) that can hurt us later in life, if we do not pay them off on time.  While in college, we may find it easy to get credit cards, which allows us to buy things that we cannot afford.  By the time you graduate, land a great job, and have the desire to purchase a home, your credit history has been damaged.  Unfortunately, those three or four credit cards that you ran up and never paid off (or paid late) has now negatively effected your credit score.  Your credit score is so low that a bank will not qualify you for a loan to purchase that home you want.

If this situation sounds too familiar to you,  here are some ways you can improve your credit score:

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