I do, I want, I can

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The realisation enveloped me slowly like a warm sunrise,

I do have a religion,

I do have a set of beliefs,

I do believe there is something bigger than myself,

I want to religiously devote myself to exploration of humanity,

I firmly believe that it is the best path for my life,

I can’t deny that there is an unending list of things bigger than myself and I’m ok with that,

I want to see the beauty we’ve created with our hands,

I want to hear the melodies we’ve formed with our creativity,

I want to read the wisdom we’ve developed after many wonderful lifetimes,

I want to touch the hearts of people who share my path,

I want to smell the perfume that is our collective experiences,

I want to experience it all through my eyes,

I want to tell the story of my adventure,

I want to do…

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