Jordan culture and traditions!!!

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Don’t get bored while reading, as you find out very interesting information about my country “Jordan”

Here we begin in Jordan’s flag;

Jordan’s Passport:

Jordan’s culture is a pleasant jumble of old and new, and Amman( its capital) has rapidly become one of the most sophisticated cities in the Middle East.

Jordan culture and traditions

Values & Traditions

Jordan can be regarded for a typically Arab country for its people are very warm, friendly and hospitable. Jordanians are typically happy to forgive foreigners who break the rules of etiquette. However, visitors seen to be making an effort to observe local customs will undoubtedly win favour.

A tourist girl wear Bedouin dress of our traditions

Joining local people for a cup of tea or coffee can be a wonderful way to learn more about local culture. If you are invited yet are unable to attend, then it is perfectly acceptable…

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