One year down…..

Phaytea's Pulse

Whoop whoop…

It’s my one year wedding anniversary today

….and I won’t choose to have my experience anyother way😍😍😍

One year

Wait! How is it one year down already?

Just the other day I still misspelt my surname on a form I was filling. I sometimes forget I have to write my husband’s surname and end up writing mine….then cancel out… sigh.

Time really does fly…..and I have learnt so much about being married.

I thought about all the things I have learnt in one year but I have decided to write just one major lesson….since its just one year down…

So here goes….


I’m not sure why I decided this is the lesson I want to share but I think it’s so important as it’s really the little things that matter.

I hear people say…once you get married…you get so busy with activities, the man wants to make…

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