Real Madrid “Champion’s League Gaints”




Juventus [1 – 4] Real Madrid

So, apparently the theme of yesterday’s match was “Real Madrid against the whole World”.
It was looking like God was on Juventus side when Mario Mandzukic scored an eccentric goal in the 27′ min cancelling out Christiano Ronaldo’s 20′ min goal. That goal made me quiver in my seat and I said to myself it is over!! “this Juventus striker killed it with this goal”. Everyone around me cried out; “that goal is the kind of goal that wins the UEFA Champions league”, even my friend of over six (6) years, an ardent Manchester Utd and Real Madrid supporter, was in favour of a Juventus win. Hence, the theme of today’s post “Real Madrid against the whole world”. My friend deserted me!! oh well, I guess I am on my own now.

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