Story of a diary …

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Story of a new diary …

Hi everyone,

I am a new diary. I’m considered as people’s best friend. Everyone pens down their story on me. As everyone know I can hide their feeling and will not judge them. I will just listen them quietly. Silently telling them i will be with you. Now it’s time
to reveal my truth, to make hear my words and journey of my life.

I have seen many eyes in the form of species called humans. Till the time I’m made to sold I see people people has feeling of getting earned through me.
My cleaned pages and attractive covering will tell the amount of bread. And keeping me in the visibility of his owner so that I could be sold out for his survival. He created me for his own necessities.

After getting sold out. I’m M under the control of another owner…

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  1. Thank u for sharing!! Have a wonderful Sunday!! ☺️☺️

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