Tolerance Radiates, Intolerance does too!


“Tolerance Radiates love and peace, whereas, Intolerance radiates anger and bloodshed.Thinkinkadia.

One day, I was driving slow on a right turn and did not pick up much speed because within two hundred yards, there was another right turn. And then I was in a busy shopping complex, so maintained a low speed till I parked.

It was the first day of winter break, and we had decided to go to a park for a walk and breakfast. As my family was ready to step out, I heard a honk and a man signaling me to step out.

I did and the man started yelling about my driving skills and how I was deliberately going too slow. Right away the teacher mind kicks in, so I do not defend myself and I just listen to him.

When he paused, I answered, that there was a posted speed limit…

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2 thoughts on “Tolerance Radiates, Intolerance does too!

  1. Thanks for considering my post worthy of a reblog on your awesome site. I am honoured.


  2. That’s crazy. If someone came towards me yelling, I think I’d have a heart attack.
    That guy must have been loops, to get so offended at your slow driving. Like you were just being safe.
    If his time, was his big concern, surely stopping to yell at you, just wastes more of his time. Very counterintuitive of him.

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