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How do we get tooth stains?

Before I get to my personal Alta white review, lets first know why we need it. The yellow tints which ruin your cute smile are mainly due to unsuitable oral hygiene.

There can be many intrinsic as well as extrinsic reasons of getting tooth stains. Let’s discuss all these stains in detail so that you can diagnose it easily of your own and find its cure without splurging on treatments.

Causes of Extrinsic stains

Black or dark brown stains: Consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea and other cola drinks. Smoking also leads to these ugly marks.

Orange or green stains: Irregular brushing of teeth. Food sticks to enamel and causes stain.

Causes of Intrinsic stains

Greyish-blue/ brownish-yellow: Consumption of antibiotics like tetracycline during sickness.

Greyish-black: In case of Tooth decay or tooth trauma.

Brownish-yellow or white patches: In case of early tooth decay or tooth…

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