JagRa Café: Mr. Bean’s Diner

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When people say Mr. Bean, the thought that automatically enters our minds is the laughter and amusement brought by the renowned British comedian Rowan Atkinson a.k.a. Mr. Bean himself. But, what will happen if this hilarity is amalgamated with good foods and delectable drinks? That is the thing that a small restaurant in Balanga City is sure to offer!


DCIM103MEDIA JagRa Cafe from outside

JagRa Café is located at Sampaguita Street, San Jose, Balanga City, Bataan. It has a “Mr. Bean motif” which includes having the walls painted almost exactly the same as that of Bean’s apartment in the British sitcom. It offers a wide variety of food choices and invigorating interior. There are also stuffs there available for purchase like Teddy and Mr. Bean figure and in my own estimate, it is a good 5-minute ride from Balanga City’s Plaza Mayor.


Mr. Bean is my childhood…

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