The Corporate Lifestyle!

Zinni Thy Boulevard

The fascinating skyscrapersare powerhouses for extensive high profit outputs. These allure a large number of qualified engineers and managers to efficiently deliver their services and flourish. However, these corporate jobs are difficult to fit into in our lifestyle.

Likes horses pulling the tongas, employees in MNCs are troubled to the fullest. They have long working hours that leave them exhausted by the end of the day. They never leave the office with the same enthusiasm that they had when they entered!

The race of achieving targets reminds them of the ‘broken anda’ mentioned by VIRUS in his super important speech. More so because the vast competition renders no place for job security. ‘You are hired!’ quickly changes to ‘You are fired!‘.

Moreover their is no room for social life in the corporate culture. You always have to be formal in all interactions. This is practiced so…

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