Personal Thoughts: Real Life Situations

From Real Life experience

Personal thoughts

Another late nights thoughts


If you and someone or a friend get into trouble would tell on him or her to get out the situation


Act like you didn’t know each other and take the blame yourself. 

Be honest lol.

Speaking from early childhood experience. I didn’t know anything lol.Real life situation. No one else getting into trouble here 😀



24 thoughts on “Personal Thoughts: Real Life Situations

  1. I’d take the blame myself. Although in real life, whenever I’ve been in this situation, the other person would have worse consequences than I would from being found out, which makes making this decision a lot easier.

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  2. How old are we talking about here.. ??

    Because as an adult.. we tend to act differently and see it differently..
    so our actions will be completely different than if we are kids…

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  3. It all depends how deep that friendship is. Some so called friends backstabbing quicker than when we say oops. Silence would be the best option.

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  4. I take the blame for friends that are worth it.

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  5. I would surely tell my frnd to get out of that situation. By the way, I wrote a new one. Do read it.

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  6. I know it’s getting irritating, but I can’t help it😖. For an amateur like me, it’s important to promote

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  7. I would take the blame for them. No question.

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  8. great scenario to ponder, brainy one. 🙂

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  9. I take the fall on my own.

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  10. From life experience, I considered the other persons life more without vain ambition. I never wanted her to fall for something she had no control over. Although my decisions made it was easy for her, it was very hard for me. But then again, I’m not living this life for worldly ease although I look ahead to better days.

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  11. Well it depends on how big the trouble is but I would take the blame, after all what are friends for. The person might one day do the same for me

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  12. Hahaha! love the use of the kermit meme! so funny! he cracks me up.

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