107 Reasons to Celebrate Life

Phaytea's Pulse

It was such an emotional day. 

We laid my maternal grandpa to rest today and it was a roller coaster of emotions.

Tears because he was such a kind heart and will be missed greatly.

Happy because he lived an amazing 107 years on earth. It was more like a celebration of his well spent life than lamenting over a loved one passing on.

A lot of people gathered (over a thousand five hundred) to celebrate his awesomeness and i am totally grateful to God it was a success. 

I had taken a quick nap earlier..had to wake up to write this post for Friday. I know the title says 107 Reasons to Celebrate Life but I’ll write 10 reasons now and update this post with 10 new reasons for the next nine days.

Here are reasons why we should celebrate life:

  1. You are alive. The mere fact that you…

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