Good for your Heart

Frank Morelli

I’ve always been fascinated by Benjamin Franklin—a man who was basically the Swiss Army Knife of our founding fathers. Instead of tiny, foldable wrenches and miniature scissors, Ben was spring-loaded with piss and vinegar and political savvy and freaking electricity. I’m sure there were many mornings back in colonial Philadelphia where Franklin awoke half-electrocuted and with last night’s grog on his breath, fired off a few thousand revolutionary leaflets on the old printing press, and then brunched with royalty by noon.

None of that would surprise me. What surprises me is he was able to hold it all together. Not only was Franklin one of the founding fathers of our great nation, he was apparently the chief inventor of multi-tasking. I mean, I have trouble changing radio stations when my car is in motion. Franklin was building a nation and running a publishing company and dating half the women in…

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