Is there an Indian Way of Thinking? Critiquing A. K. Ramanujan


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The opening statement serves as a heads up for the reader, with Walter Benjamin wanting to rob people of their convictions, as this is exactly what Ramanujan does for the rest of the essay. He presents both sides of the story with enough logic and reason and completely bereft of his personal take on the subject or a conclusion so as to convert the uninformed unopinionated reader into an informed unopinionated one.

Reflecting upon the essay after a thorough read and trying to understand his stand, I have concluded that Ramanujan is a progressive fence sitter. He, when encountering two incompatible and opposing positions, basically presents both sides with great persuasion —instead of evaluating which one is better or more likely true. These people call themselves ‘intellectuals’.

I think that for any two opposing positions—however flawed or un-nuanced each of them may be—you can always rationally…

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