Nourish the Body and It will Heal It Self

Swamp Yankee Style

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The Greek Philosopher and father of modern medicine, Hippocrates believed that the human body has amazing ability to heal itself. He believed in nourishing the body with healthy food as a form of medicine. I decided to give it a whirl.

I was coming closer to 40 everyday and having trouble with high blood pressure and low blood sugars. I was also about 20 pounds over weight. I needed a change. I have tried just about every diet plan out there from Atkins to weight watchers without a whole lot of luck. My body just seemed stuck at 150 pounds no matter if I ate 1000 calories a day or 3000 calories a day. I was tired of starving myself, counting calories and living off shakes and meal replacements.

On May 1. I started a new approach to dieting. Eating as much as I wanted. As long as it was…

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