Should a woman approach a man if she’s interested?? 

The Keep Up

This question has been the topic of my conversations for the past few weeks. At this point everyone knows my story. I met my kids dad at 18 we broke up 9 months ago…..blah blah blah…so now I’m ready to date 🙄

When a women is interested can she approach the man? Wait! Let’s rephrase that….I know she CAN but how does that work!!!? Will the man think she is too aggressive? Do men like an women that takes charge? Will she be labeled as “Thirsty”?? 😩😩😩 I have soooooo many questions!!!!!

I have been out of the dating game for soooooo long and I honestly, I have no idea how this works!

I DO NOT!! I repeat I DO NOT want anymore “hookups” can we say DISASTER!!!! I just don’t have good luck with hookups. Moving right along….

I’ve seen plenty of guys that catch my eye, but…

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