Spreading love my way! 

Sensible Nonsense

Recently, While invigilating A level exams, this girl comes up to me and thanks me for smiling at her throughout her exam duration, it worked as encouragement she said she was very nervous and somehow by giving her reassuring smile, i helped her perform better.

2 other boys said similar things and unknowingly these kids made my day so much better!

With that fresh experience, I was preaching about being nice to people and giving somebody a compliment once in a while or maybe just smiling at strangers. A single act of kindness sometimes works as a beacon of inspiration. So it inspired me to do something more for someone. I feel like we don’t support each other enough. If you’ve ever seen Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot, you’d be reminded of how terribly small we are in the grand scheme of cosmos. We should be sticking together since all…

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