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Recently I have been reading ‘Discover Your Destiny’ by Robin Sharma.There are beautiful lessons on each page which are not motivational but transformational.Now I seriously believe that motivation dies but discipline stays.

Unlike other books,I am reading this one very slowly so that I am able to absorb each and every word and apply it in my life.I have always been wondering that why I feel so disillusioned at times despite the fact that I read so many spiritual writings and listen to great people around who are always high in positivity.Although I have not finished reading the book yet I am satisfied to discover the cause of my state.
I came across the following lines which struck very hard on my madness to change my fretful nature :

Personal transformation is not a race.Actually,sometimes the harder you try to change,the longer it takes.So many people treat self discovery…

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4 thoughts on “At My Own Pace

  1. Oh wow! I will try to read it too 😊

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  2. It really happen with lot of people. When we read anything motivational

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    • Sorry half written comment got posted. I was saying when we read anything motivational we really want to implement all ideas upon ourselves and expect a sudden change but reality is that changes take place slowly. When we practice something it becomes our habit and then changes appear. You are on right track. All the best.

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