Become Wonder Woman

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I just watched the Wonder Woman movie and I was inspired by her beautiful character traits. Here are the top qualities I noticed in her that we can all try to adopt.

Don’t ask for permission

At times, the men in the movie tell Diana she cannot do something or should not go somewhere, and she defies them saying that she doesn’t need their approval to go after what she wants.

Do what you believe is right

Through the whole film, she fought injustice and challenged those who were willing to compromise what was right for what was easy.

Know your strength

She grew throughout the movie because at the beginning she did not know her strength. By the end, she had discovered who she was and how to reach her full potential. Never doubt yourself.

Know that no one deserves you, but help them anyway

You are of the…

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  1. 😋 feeling like a wonder woman already

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