Being yourself 

richa pandey

“Different gestures, different roles,

Different responsibilities,innumerous goals

Behind the clutter of all this, doing everything for others & self ,

There lies a small wish inside, when can I enjoy being myself”.

Unstoppable run, yes an unstoppable run. It’s a running towards attaining number of things in the race of life. This race starts with the life itself. As soon as one comes in existence this unstoppable race starts. Here I am intended to talk about our society. We can see one’s childhood dying in order to fulfill the expectations of others most important of their family including parents. Just have a look around yourself, you can find lot of examples.
Very small kids who are being forced by their parents to study hard or to do any other thing that their parents want to make them or achieve them. For this ample examples are being given to those kids…

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