Success takes time

Mind Is The Master

We all want to see the result immediately, even before the task is done. It is important to know that success takes time.
It’s amazing what we expect of ourselves. Some of us start something today and want to see the result today. We have forgotten that those success men, companies, blogs started from somewhere. Some even started in the red for years before they become successful. We simply forgot!

There is always a learning curve. Why do you think athletes go into training before competition? Why do you think musicians do have rehearsals? Why?
It may be 1:1,000,000 to go out and give wonderful performances if one didn’t go through the learning curves.

The more serious you are in the curve, the better.

My dear reader, if you are on your own, if you really want to be a success in whatever you are doing/planning to do, have it…

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