Superfoods : Nutrient powerhouses for a healthy life

The Confused Soul

Superfoods pin

Hello everyone. You might be wondering why I chose this topic for my blog post. As we all know that “Health is Wealth”, and being healthy is the key to have a balance between mind, body & soul, i thought it would be best to start from the base first. Eating well & exercising regularly are required for being healthy. Since eating well is an important part to stay healthy, we should keep an eye on the nutrition we are taking daily.
We have some daily value requirements (DV%) of nutrients that we are required to intake to be healthy. In present busy hectic life and the lifestyle that we lead, we often eat processed and junk food which fuel weight gain and even skip meals which thoroughly affects our nutrition intake and ultimately our health. Here, comes the Superfoods. Superfoods doesn’t have a specific definition but these foods are…

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